Wiley X Tactical Sunglasses & Why You Must Have Them

Wiley X Tactical Sunglasses & Why You Must Have Them

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No, we are not allowed to tell you that Bradley Cooper wore these in a movie portraying Chris Kyle. What we can tell you is that we carry 3 ballistic grade glasses that have become famous due to the quality and reviews from our men and women serving overseas. Wiley X, for the last 25 years, has a wide range of items that have become standard military issue. We chose the best 3 glasses for our customers that meet both your needs in the field for performance as well as comfort and usability for home and around town. Not only do they look sharp, you will be wearing something different than the average joe who sold out to traditional european brands. Time to get a nice set to protect your only set of eyeballs.

SG004 Wiley X

SG004 Wiley X Polarized



The Wiley X Saint Polarized has been the most popular of the 3 we offer. This one is perfect for outdoor activities like fishing when you need to block nasty glare. Comfort level and style aren’t bad either. You’re getting that military style and functionality you just can’t beat.







SG006 Wiley X Gravity Sunglasses

SG006 Wiley X Gravity w/Liner



With the removable facial Cavity Seal. These glasses offer particle and wind protection for you motorcycle trips or any environment in which you have a ton of debris flying around. Definitely purpose built, but will still look sharp in casual outings.







WX Wiley X Saint Ballistic Duel Lens

SG005 Saint Ballistic Duel Lens


I’m always going in and out of manufacturing and printing plants for MoA. It’s nice to have your own set of safety glasses instead of the cheap ones they make everyone wear. Just pop out the clear lenses after work and add the shaded ones back in for the ride home.


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