Where did Mini Ribbons come from?

Where did Mini Ribbons come from?

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General Marshall Mini Ribbons

General Marshall

One question that often comes up is where did the mini ribbons come from and can you wear them on the uniform?

Actually we call them the General Marshall ribbons because that is the first time we have ever seen them. The photograph of General Marshall shows him wearing mini ribbons in his official Pentagon photograph and it is a great idea for reducing uniform clutter especially on general officers uniforms. Maybe they should be called General’s ribbons but to be honest we have never seen them on another General or Colonels uniform. Then again we have not been around many 5 star Generals of the Army. Guess they can wear what they like heh?

Anyway give General Marshall credit for a great idea in being the first to wear mini ribbons. While you can’t wear them on the uniform they do look great on a lapel or shirt for veterans events…So if someone ask you , “Where did you come up with those mini ribbons?”. Just say ,”from General Marshall”

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