Veteran Wins New Jeep from Medals of America

Veteran Wins New Jeep from Medals of America

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Medals of America works to honor Veterans and help them display their awards and show pride in their service. They also host special giveaways for Veterans including the 2014/2015 Veteran Jeep Sweepstakes, which put keys to a brand new 2015 Jeep 4×4 in the hands of one lucky American military Veteran. The sweepstakes ran from the summer of 2014 to February 28, 2015, and over 200,000 Veterans entered to win. The lucky winner was a young active duty Marine and OEF Veteran named Andrew who is stationed in Norfolk, VA. He and his wife Brittany came to our office in South Carolina last Tuesday to drive their prize home.

Winner of the 2014/2015 Jeep Giveaway

Andrew and his wife Brittany stand in from of their new Jeep from Medals of America.

Andrew was entered to win after placing his first order with Medals of America, his Military Medals for the Marine Corps Ball. Andrew deployed to Afghanistan in support of OEF. On his deployment they did WES (Warfighter Exchange Services) Teams and supported over 15 FOBs/COPs and thousands of Marines, US Forces, and NATO personnel. Medals of America is honored to be able to give this new Jeep Wrangler to such an outstanding Marine and his family. Andrew and Medals of America President and CEO, Lee Foster had some comments to the local news, Fox Carolina, who came out to cover the story.

“It’s been completely surreal,” Andrew said. “You never think it’s going to happen to you. There was over 200,000 entries and I was fortunate enough to be selected when so many people have entered into this contest.”

Handing over the keys

Lee Foster, CEO of Medals of America, hands the keys to the 2014/2015 Jeep Giveaway winner, USMC Afghanistan Veteran, Andrew of Norfolk, VA.

“We’re fortunate enough to have Andrew win the Jeep,” said Lee Foster, CEO at Medals of America. “He’s a young Marine up in Norfolk, VA. He’s an Afghanistan Vet. So it’s been an amazing day for us to get to pick up Andrew, bring him down here and now give him the keys to this brand new Jeep.”

Medals of America specializes in creating items for Veterans to show pride in their service and they spent some time making the Jeep presentation extra special for Andrew. Knowing the details of Andrew’s military service, Medals of America customized the Jeep with decals and car accessories for a Marine. The Medals of America staff took the time to embroider the factory headrests of the Jeep with the USMC logo. They also placed USMC seatbelt covers, decals, rubber floor mats, tail light decals and a license plate frame on the Jeep, making it special for the young Marine. Medals of America didn’t stop there. They added some USMC polo shirts, an OD sling-back pack and a USMC travel mug and tumbler for the ride.

Marine Picking Up His New Jeep.

Before winning the Jeep, Andrew and his wife Brittany were sharing a vehicle while taking care of their young daughter Aubrey and their Springer Spaniel named Nala. The Jeep is a much needed win for this young family and Medals of America is very thankful to all of their loyal customers throughout the years who made this possible. Check out Medals of America on Facebook and visit to be on the lookout for more contests and always get the very best apparel and gear for proud military Veterans.

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  1. Skip Van Buren at 11:09 am
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    Congrats Andrew-Thanks for serving——Simper Fi—USMC “66-69” Thanks again

  2. Robert Bliss at 8:27 pm
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    I can not think of anyone who is more deserving to be honored with a new Jeep then this outstanding Marine. Way to go Brother. Semper Fi my friend,

    USMC (since I was 17 and that’s a long time ago—actually 1968)

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