USMC Combat Instructor Ribbon Now Available

USMC Combat Instructor Ribbon Now Available

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Thousands will be eligible for the new combat instructor ribbon, now in stock and ready to add to your ribbon rack from Medals of America. This award was recently established by Ray Mabus, the Secretary of the Navy, to recognize Marines who meet successfully complete a tour as a combat instructor or in a position of leadership at the School of Infantry. It can be rewarded retroactively to qualifying Marines from October 9, 2002.

In order of precedence, the new ribbon will be placed after the Marine Security Guard Ribbon and before the Armed Forces Reserve Medal.

USMC Camp Geiger Combat Instructor

U.S. Marine Sgt. Adam Koczrowski, a combat instructor from Delta Company, Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), School of Infantry-East (SOI-E) supervises his platoon getting back in formation following a dynamic warmup prior to embarking on their 10K hike, Camp Geiger, N.C., Oct. 04, 2013.

Image of New Combat Instructor Ribbon

New Ribbon for Combat Instructors.

The ribbon is chamois in color with edges of olive green. In the center is a stripe of black.

To order your Combat Instructor Ribbon, click here or on the ribbon to go to Medals of America!


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