The New MACV Tool From SOG

The New MACV Tool From SOG

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The new MACV tool from SOG Knives is the coolest 12-in-1 multi-tool you never knew you needed until now. At only 2.25 inches tall, this piece of kit can easily fit in your pocket without notice or on your key chain and as a replacement for the old fashioned p38 can opener you still have with your dog tags. This thing just looks cool, hell, it’s shaped like the MACVSOG skull, why wouldn’t you want this!?!

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12 tools:

• 1/4″ wrench

• 5/16″ wrench

• 3/8″ wrench

• Large flathead screwdriver

• Carbide sharpener

• Bottle Opener

• Phillips Screwdriver

• 1/4″ Hex bit Driver

• Nail Puller

• Pry Bar

• Small Flathead

• Cord Cutter



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