Mini Ribbons for Military Veterans

Mini Ribbons for Military Veterans

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Mini RibbonsMini Ribbons are the most incredible, versatile and easiest way to show your military pride and faith in America.

Our mini military ribbons, which are half the size of regular military ribbons, are custom hand mounted in rows of three. Each commemorative ribbon set is created to be versatile and easy to wear. Because of this, many military official mini ribbons are worn with custom military shirts, jackets, and polos as well as on military hats and caps.

Here’s what you’ll get with your Mini Ribbons

  • Free Attachments
  • Free Mounting
  • Free pins with Clutches
  • Medals of America’s Lifetime Guarantee

For only $3 extra Medals of America will make your ribbons with super magnetic mounts so you won’t have to pin your ribbons through anything. No holes. Easy alignment. Super easy to move!

You can also preview your ribbon rack before you buy it with our exclusive mini-ribbon rack builder. Just choose your ribbons and military medal attachments and you’ll get a free preview of the finished product before you even checkout.

Proudly display your service to your nation with one of our mini military ribbon sets.

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  1. Frank at 2:00 pm
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    Just to verify,

    I can wear these with a polo shirt and not violate any regulations, correct. The regulations pertain to the wearing of official medals/ribbons with civilian attire, and not these "mini-ribbons". Thank you for any clarification.

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