Iraq Campaign Medal

Iraq Campaign Medal

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Iraq Campaign Medal

Service: All Services
Instituted: 2004  Dates 2003 to TBA
Iraq Campaign Medal Criteria: Awarded for military service within the borders of Iraq (or its territorial waters). Retroactive to March 19, 2003 until a date to be determined.
Devices: Bronze Marine Corps device, Army: Bronze Arrowhead, Bronze Star

Presidential Executive Order 13363 established the Iraq Campaign Medal.

Iraq Campaign Medal – Overview


Iraq Campaign Medal

Iraq Campaign Medal

Those authorized the Iraq Campaign Medal must have served in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on or after March 19, 2003, to a future date to be determined by the Secretary of Defense or the cessation of the operation. The area of eligibility encompasses all land area of the country of Iraq and the contiguous water area out to 12 nautical miles and all air spaces above the land area of Iraq and above the contiguous water area out to 12 nautical miles.

Service members must have been assigned, attached or mobilized to units operating in these areas of eligibility for 30 consecutive days or for 60 non-consecutive days or meet one of the following criteria:

a. Be engaged in combat during an armed engagement, regardless of the time in the area of eligibility; or
b. While participating in an operation or on official duties, is wounded or injured and requires medical evacuation from the area of eligibility; or
c. While participating as a regularly assigned air crewmember flying sorties into, out of, within or over the area of eligibility in direct support of the military operations; each day of operations counts as one day of eligibility.

Service members qualified for the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal by reasons of service between Oct. 24, 2001, and April 30, 2005, in an area for which the Iraq Campaign Medal was subsequently authorized, shall remain qualified for the medal.

Upon application, any such service member may be awarded the Iraq Campaign Medal in lieu of the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal for such service. No service member shall be entitled to both of these military medals for the same act, achievement or period of service.

The awarding authority for the Iraq campaign medals shall be prescribed by the member’s respective military service regulations. Medals may be awarded posthumously.

Only one award of the Iraq Campaign Medal may be authorized for any individual. Individuals may receive both medals if they meet the requirement of both awards; however, the qualifying period of service used to establish eligibility for one award cannot be used to justify eligibility for the other.

The Iraq Campaign Medal shall be positioned below the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and above the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.

The medal’s obverse features a relief map of Iraq displaying two irregular lines representing the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers surmounting a palm wreath. Above is the inscription, “IRAQ CAMPAIGN”. The Statue of Freedom is shown on the reverse surmounting a sunburst, encircle by two scimitars, points down, crossed at the tips of the blades, all above the inscription, “FOR SERVICE IN IRAQ”.

A bronze star is worn on the suspension and campaign ribbon for one or more days of participation in each designated campaign phase.

The service medal replaces the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal for service in Iraq and personnel who previously received the GWOTEM for Iraq service may elect to exchange the medal for the new Iraq Campaign Medal. Both medals may not be received for the same period of service in Iraq and any future Iraq service will only be recognized with the Iraq Campaign Medal.

The designated campaigns are:
• Liberation of Iraq: 19 March 2003 – 1 May 2003
• Transition of Iraq: 2 May 2003 – 28 June 2004
• Iraqi Governance: 29 June 2004 – 15 December 2005
• National Resolution: 16 December 2005 – Date to be determined

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