Your Guide To Veteran Military Hats

Your Guide To Veteran Military Hats

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Picking your next military hat is not as easy as going to the local Army Navy shop and getting 1 of 5 hats. You now have tons of cool choices will manufacturers jumping at the bit to make sure you get theirs. Let’s make sure you have all the tools to make an educated purchase as no military cap is created equal.

1. USA Made Military Hats.
Most USA made caps are a 5 panel polyester high profile trucker cap with the dreaded plastic snap adjustments of the 80’s. You’d think it was time to up date that, but at over 100% more in cost to produce over an import, you won’t see the top wholesalers do this anytime soon. If you hadn’t noticed, the patch on the front is also heat pressed on. Don’t get me wrong, these caps are nice, produced with greater quality and consistancey and can last a lifetime if they are well taken care of. These caps lead to all other embroidered caps of this era. That’s why this cap is still number one.

2. Military Issue & Watch Caps
The best part about being a Vet is that you probably have a few bucks to buy the gear you wanted at the time but wasn’t authorized. Also, you may want the newest of the new, in which case, there are tons of garments and caps loaded with the latest technology from being in combat for 10 years. The thing you should know is that if it’s old and authentic, be prepared to pay. Otherwise there are plenty of tiger stripe boonie caps made everyday which offer a glimpse of what once was. The other cool thing is that you can customize your stuff with pins, patches and embroidery. The only inspection you have coming up is from the misses. Advice? – unless you are recreating a D-Day landing or go to events with the local motor pool, buying a 2014 version of what you want is all you need.

3. Era of Super Embroidery
I blame NASCAR fans like myself. These caps are never found to be made inside the U.S. These caps sit on multi-head embroidery machines for hours before they are fully assembled. The bill work and detail is all done then the bill is fitted and stitched to the artwork, then the panels, insides and final touches are crafted on by hand. Tons of these hats have to be purchased from the factories at once. I hope they have a good design for all that is invested. These are some of the best looking and boldest caps for Veterans out there. Medals of America is lucky enough to have the space and demand to be able to offer caps like these for half the price they would normally go for. Get the design you want now if you see it. These caps are often not remade due to the expense.

4. Classic Yet Modern 6 Panel Insignia Caps
Beyond the super embroidered caps mentioned above, these are the classic American style caps we have all come to love wearing. Usually hook and loop adjustment or with a brass buckle, these caps feature a nice centerpiece embroidered and maybe a little bill work. Look for caps with detail and pride of construction. You can get a bad one from discounters if you go sub $14.

5.  Everything Else
Hey, you have your own style or need for say – a runners cap, shown above. That’s cool too. Remember you need to look at quality and on very, very important thing. Licensing! All of the branches now require the manufacturer to pay them for the use of the logos and sayings trademarked by them. Make sure you see a tag, hologram or ask your retailer, like us if what we have is approved for sale by the branch you served in. By purchasing a licensed cap, you are directly supporting the troop’s morale fund that does all the on base activities and events. Medals of America works closely with each branch to maintain their standards on all licensed items we produce.

You have a choice you now have the knowledge. What ever you choose, do so for honor and pride in service.

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    Being a 2nd Generation Currahee (Pair Of Dice) 2nd/506th 101st ABN Div Veteran, it would be “Outstanding” If you folks could come up with Great ball cap honoring the unit….


    Dan Clark Sr

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