G.I. Style Jungle Boots

G.I. Style Jungle Boots

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If you are looking to replace your 1966 anti-punji stake steel plated jungle boots, check ebay. These are not it. However, if you want to capture some of the look and functionality of the originals without the cost – these are what you want. These weekend warrior boots are good for a half day in the woods hunting or to show off your Vietnam uniform, but I wouldn’t were them everyday. Some of the original specs are still there like the fact that the boots fit larger than normal because your foot was going to swell up on patrol. But, you don’t need that today, they are just going to feel like clown shoes. With all the modern advancements in military footwear for modern troops, the only reason you want these is the vintage look and weekend functionality. I don’t know but maybe one Vietnam Vet that likes to spend his weekend in the swamp where the functionality might come into play. But I think he bought himself some cheap rubber knee highs for that. I don’t mean to dog these boots, because they aren’t bad if you know how to use them. In fact, these boots have been improved greatly from the manufacture since there first release years and years ago. Yeah, go paintball, wear them on Veterans Day or take the grandkids to the pumkinpatch in them, because like you, they have seen their last days of combat. Then again, most stuff we buy won’t see that kind of abuse. Dang, I’m feeling all nostalgic now, might have to get me a pair.

Rothco’s GI Style Jungle Boots Feature A Canvas & Nylon Upper, Black Leather Toe & Heel With A Black Rubber “Panama” Sole, 8″ High Boot.

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