Air Transport Command – ATC

Air Transport Command – ATC

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Air Transport Command

Air Transport Command Insignia

A Medals of America customer recently asked what the military insignia was on the bottom of the lapel on his father’s World War II Army Air Forces uniform (ATC1)  While it was unclear and grainy in the photo, it was identified as the Air Transport Command (ATC insignia) (ATC2).  When you look at the image,  you’ll see the points of the compass; between that in Morse Code is “ATC.”

Air Transport Command (ATC) was at once an active United States Air Force Unit, but is no longer active. Its job was to quickly provide reinforcement for the US military bases during WWII as well as provide worldwide air transportation for military personnel.  Air Transport Command eventually became the Military Air Transport Service and later renamed Military Airlift Command in 1948 and again in 1966 to today’s Air Mobility Command.

Air Transport Command

Air Transport Command Patch

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