After 70 Years, Veteran Receives Lost Dog Tags

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Dog tags, which are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers during a war, carry an emotional connection for many soldiers and veterans. During the nineteenth century, soldiers in the military would pin paper notes with their name and home address to their coats or stitched identification into their bags or belts. Soon after, military manufacturers used lead and brass to produce a dog tag that included identification.

On Monday, March 10th, 2014 a man who lost his dog tags during the Allied invasion of Italy in 1944 had his dog tags returned to him. Alfred Cabral, a World War II veteran who is 88 years old, received his dog tags during a ceremony at the nursing home where he is currently staying. Cabral dropped the dog tags while under German fire on a beach near Anzio, Italy. They traveled more than 4,000 miles to be reunited with Cabral in what was an emotional and heartwarming ceremony.

After seventy years of being lost, the dog tags were found while a man was walking on the beach last year. He turned them over to a local cemetery where American soldiers are buried. Even after many years of being outside, Cabral’s name, service number, and address are still legible. The dog tags were turned over to the American Battle Monuments Commission and then to the Veterans Administration who recognized the name of retired police chief, Alfred Cabral. After Cabral is done wearing his dog tags, his son has said he will place them next to his father’s Purple Heart and Bronze Star medals.

For new soldiers entering the military, or veterans, Medals of America offers a wide selection of military tags, such as army dog tags, navy dog tags, marine corps dog tags, and other commemorative dog tags to help you with identification or assist people in remembering their loved one’s military service. In honor of Alfred Cabral, who was honorably discharged from the Army after a foot injury from a land mine in France, there is a selection of army dog tags below for new soldiers and veterans.

We offer army dog tags with fifteen different custom designs, which includes space to include five lines of text. The dog tags are available in brass, silver, or black.

Army Dog Tag Key Ring

This traditional Army dog tag includes the United States Army, a traditional bald eagle, and the star emblem of the United States Army. In addition, the dog tags come in silver and have space for over seventy-five characters across five lines.

US Army Logo Dog Tag

This highly stylized dog tag is detailed in silver and gold. It is made of shiny medal that is built to last. Similar to the Army Dog Tag Key Ring, it has the star emblem of the United States Army and a bald eagle.

1st Calvary Division

This specialized dog tag is for one of the most decorated combat units of the United States Army. It is a brass styled designer dog tag with a black background and the 1st Calvary Division Logo. This dog tag is a great gift and includes a chain with all purchases.

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